Transport Wheelchair – Designed For Greater Convenience and Accessibility

In caring for people with certain illnesses or disabilities, you should always have a mobility device that you can use to conveniently and quickly transport them anywhere in the house or outside. A transport wheelchair would be a perfect choice. These chairs offer easy and safe patient transport by being lighter and less bulky compared to standard wheelchairs. Another advantage is it can easily be stored. These wheelchairs are designed for convenience and easy handling by a caregiver.

A transport wheelchair is made to assist physically incapacitated people to transfer effortlessly from area to another. Because of its narrow structure it can conveniently pass through tight hallways and the narrow doorways around the house. They are foldable chairs with extremely light weight and weatherproof steel frames. They are equipped with four small wheels making the chair’s maneuverability effortless. Some of them can weigh as little as only 19 lbs.

Transport wheelchairs have solid rubber tires that will never go flat. With the absence of the hand rims, which are found in a standard wheelchair, it will require someone to assist and push the transport wheelchair to move. Thus, a “step tube” is attached at the back of the transport wheel to help the assisting person to lift it and pass over bumps and curbs. Some are also equipped with oversize wheels and swing-away leg rests, adding to the comfort of the user and the ease of the caregivers as well.

Most people, especially the elderly, can use a transport wheelchair in their own daily lives as they go out and enjoy time with friends taking trips to church, shopping, or for visiting family. They are especially good for people with limited capabilities to get to important appointments or attend lengthy events like weddings or when on vacations. They are also a lot less expensive than typical full size wheelchairs.

Again, their compactness either in storage or while in use makes them valuable tools for those with physical challenges. Even if a person can still walk, the transport wheelchair makes a perfect alternative to walkers and canes that can be unstable. Allowing the physically limited and the elderly to conveniently be in motion will bring them a more positive outlook in life and make them feel comfortable and less of a burden to their care providers.

Bariatric Transport Wheelchair

The Bariatric Transport Wheelchair is designed to perfection for people who need a transport chair which can carry weight up to 400 lbs. The width of the seat of this transport chair is 22″ and has removable desk arms. The seat comes complete with a fold-down back and swing away footrests. There are 12″ rear wheels with tires that are flat-free. These rear wheels and flat tires ensure enhanced maneuverability. They have 8″ solid rubber casters.

The Bariatric Transport Wheelchair is technologically perfect equipment that helps an individual move around with complete safety and comfort. Below are some key advantages of owning this kind of transport wheelchair. These points will help you understand the unmatched skills that have been used to create such a fascinating wheelchair.

– The wheelchair has removable and swing away footrests that are sturdy and easy to use. In addition, the footrests have an aluminium footplate that gives durability to the wheelchair

– The black nylon upholstery is completely flame retardant which ensures safety from fire

– The heavy duty frame of this wheelchair includes a dual cross brace and gusseted side frames

– There is an integrated hand brake that is easy to use and lockable

– The removable desk arms and fold-down back gives you maximum flexibility and freedom

– The desk-length arm rests is also removable and comes with padded armrests

Technical specifications of the Bariatric Transport Wheelchair –

– Back Height: 20″
– Caster Options: 8″ solid rubber casters
– Overall Height: 39.5″
– Overall Length: 36.5″ without front riggings
– Overall Width: 28″ when opened
– Product Weight: 41 lbs without riggings
– Product Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
– Rear Wheel: 12″ with flat-free tires
– Seat Depth: 18″
– Seat To Floor Height: 19.5″
– Seat Width: 22″
– Warranty: 13 months

The wheelchair has been crafted with complete attention to detail and incorporates very superior hardware. The attractive and durable shatter proof upholstery makes this seat a very pretty vehicle for moving around. The Bariatric Transport Wheelchair is an extra-wide transport wheelchair but weighs only 41 lbs.

The semi-pneumatic rear wheels help to push heavier patients and the double-stitched padded nylon seat upholstery gives the patient the most comfortable ride. The wheelchair has completely adjustable front caster forks that allow you to raise or lower the height of the front seat.

The wheelchair looks classy in the elegant steel frame casting. The colour of the frame is silver with smart and stain-resistant black seat upholstery.

This wheelchair is the best transport option for heavier patients who have mobility problems as it promises complete freedom and you do not have to depend on others for moving around in nearby places.